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Aug 30 th, 2016

EEVRR.COM is an online marketplace to BUY SELL Creative Jobs  Worldwide. Almost all sorts of creative services are offered by the talents, freelancers, students, teachers, consultants, advisors, doctors and so on.

Everybody around the globe has some creativity by nature. This creativity varies from person to person. EEVRR.COM provides a very pleasant and simple interface to Unleash Your Creativity and SELL it in the marketplace.

The services can be very small to large. And there is unlimited opportunity to offer ideas to sell.

On the other hand, the BUYERs come here to see what are the services offered by the talents and pick one or more of them that they liked. Places Order and then get delivered by the seller. It’s a very simple and smooth process. The model is Browse -> Order -> Delivered.

Then if you need any help just shoot a message to EEVRR support team (via instant message or contact us form). You will get almost instant guidance from the well-trained support team.

Students, Freelancers, Job Holders, Jobless people, House-wives … virtually anybody can take this tremendous opportunity to start earning money.

The advantage of this is, the platform is very safe and secure for both the BUYER and SELLER. Buyer need to pay in advance, and Seller need to deliver satisfactory results. Nobody can cheat here. EEVRR support team strictly monitors the quality of the work.

EEVRR.COM is 100% free for the SELLERs to post their creative jobs and services. Another great advantage for them is, EEVRR.COM only takes 10% processing fee from each order for the platform and support. No other platforms are giving this opportunity to the SELLERs who really work hard to earn money.

So, start selling your ideas and services to the global market online.

The prices you can offer ranging from $5 to $2000.

And also, keep in mind that customers will pick only the authentic and logical offers. So, offer good prices so that you get quantity orders.

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  1. tajul_artist

    I like Eevrr.com. There are huge possibilities…


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