What Is Copyright?

Copyright means a form of protection governed by applicable laws to the creators of original works. This is mainly related to the creative jobs that are involved in creativity and professionalism. The owner of the copyright usually has the all rights to use or distribute the work. The exclusive rights include the following issues:

  • Your rights to reproduce (copy) or distribute the original work
  • Your rights to create imitative works based on the original work
  • Your rights to perform or display the work publicly

You do not need to officially register your copyright protection from the U.S. Copyright Authorities Office to keep your intellectual property rights in your work in the United States. Federal registration of your copyrighted work, however, may give you additional legal tools to protect against copyright infringement (described below). If you need more info on federal registration of copyrights issues, please visit the U.S. Copyright Official website at http://www.copyright.gov.


Copyright protected areas

  • Audiovisual works (TV shows, online videos)
  • Audio/sound recordings
  • Musical compositions
  • Visual content including paintings, posters, and advertisements
  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Dramatic works, including plays and musicals
  • Violation of these rights is called copyright infringement.

Violations of these rights are called copyright infringement. So, please do not sell any service that are related to copyright infringement.

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