EEVRR.COM – Terms of Service

Last update: September 2016

Welcome to EEVRR! is a simple and very pleasant marketplace platform to BUY SELL creative services offered by people around the globe. ( offers some functionality for both Buyer and Seller based on the following terms and conditions:

Please read the document carefully before you start working on this Site.

User starts working at Eevrr® by opening an account and accepting the “terms of service” during the account creation process. For this process you need a valid email address and verify your email for successful completion.

Once you have a verified account, configure your profile and then start working at Eevrr®.

Age range:  13 year or older. Anybody at this age can work at

If you need any help regarding the Site or Terms of Service, contact with our Customer Support Team, and get your answers accordingly. You can reach customer support team members either live chat, or via contact us form.



Creative Jobs are services offered on Eevrr®.

Join us means user need to create an account by providing relevant information that are asked for. Once the account creation process is completed, the user is ready to BUY, SELL or do both actions.

Sign In means, you must have an account created with Eevrr® earlier, now you can sign in to access your profile and features provided by Eevrr®.

Sellers can easily post their jobs or creative services by offering different options, the way they will do the work for the Buyer.

Buyers are the users who purchase services on Eevrr®.

Job posting page, is the page where the seller can describe their offers including prices images and videos. It’s up to the seller how they want to describe their services to attract the buyer. But sellers are not allowed to use any copyrighted material that may violate copyright laws. If we receive any obligation regarding this copyright issue, we will either remove the contents and services or Block the user.

Extras are additional services offered on top of the Seller’s Main job offer for an additional price defined by the Seller.

Sellers can post their service offers completely free of cost at Eevrr®.  Upon successful completion of job posting, the service is instantly available on Site and ready for the Buyers to purchase the service offer. Though its instantly available, Eevrr® review team will monitor the job posting to maintain the quality of the job offer, graphics used and so on. Any illegal materials are not allowed to display on the content.

Buyer places an order by picking a service offer, then the seller delivers the work. Eevrr® takes only 10% service fee from each order. The rest 90% is for the seller. This is an unbelievable opportunity for the sellers working on Eevrr®. No other marketplace is offering such a great opportunity for the sellers to gain what really they deserve. Eevrr® believes in giving the most values to the service providers because they are really working hard to earn money.

Custom Offers are exclusive proposals that the seller can create in response to specific requirements of the buyer.

Custom Orders are requests made by a buyer to receive a Custom Offer from a seller.

When Buyer places and order for a specific job post, it means this is a formal agreement between the buyer and seller. In the Order Page, buyers and sellers communicate with each other in connection with that particular service.

Disputes are disagreements experienced during an order between a buyer and seller on Eevrr®.

Revenue is the money sellers earn from completed orders (90% of each order).

Sellers can offer any service they want to ranging from $5 to $2000. That means, sellers can offer very small jobs to very complex jobs or even part time or full time jobs. Sellers just need to unleash their creativity to offer valuable and quality services to attract the buyers.



In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and Seller,  both of them agree to attempt to settle the dispute cordially and in good faith by contacting each other and attempting resolve such a dispute. If such dispute cannot be settled, Buyer and Seller may contact Eevrr® Support team. Eevrr®, at its discretion, may assist in settling the dispute. In the event that Eevrr® assists in any dispute resolution, Buyer and Seller agree to accept such resolution as resolved, binding, and final. This section does not force Eevrr® to settle disputes between any Buyer and Seller and all account holders agree that Eevrr® is not a party to any such disputes.



At Eevrr® we want, the Buyers to be satisfied with any Seller Services offered using this Platform. All Orders made by a Buyer shall only be refunded if such Order has not been fulfilled by a Seller. Before any Order can be refunded for any Seller Services, the Buyer must first attempt to contact the Seller. If the Seller fails to respond or does not deliver the Order as promised to the Buyer, the Buyer may then initiate a refund request by contacting Eevrr® Support Team. Please be aware that refunds can only be given for unfulfilled orders and no refunds will be issued for any other reason. All refunds are issued at the sole discretion of Eevrr®. If you wish to request a refund or have an issue with any account billing, please contact us a support.